How to Plan a McCall River Rafting Trip

A McCall River rafting Orange Torpedo trip is one of the most preferred adventure sports around when you wish to go on an outdoor vacation with your family. The pumping adrenaline rush and many leaps and bounces you experience from rafting trips are a once in a lifetime experience that is not easily repeated. Lean more at

River rafting trips come in different tour packages where each one offers a different travel dimension. You can expect certain things to happen on just about any rafting excursion.

Some of the things you need to look out for would include:

  • Clothing – One of the critical aspects of a successful rafting trip would be adequate clothing as insufficient cover may hamper your enjoyment of the trip. As a traveler, you should be conscious of the variety of clothes you need to carry along. Ensure the clothing you will wear has been pre-shrunk in the wash as it will get soaked. Do not fret over making a fashion statement with your clothing as you will be covered with safety equipment that is usually brightly or neon colored.
  • Swimming experience – It is imperative to know how to swim for your own safety even if you are provided with a host of rafting safety equipment. No doubt, it is to your advantage to know the art of swimming. You may reason that the courses you opt for only involve a bit of canoeing, you still need to learn how to swim. Knowing swimming is indispensable for a McCall river rafting trip of any kind.
  • Food – The preparation of food is key to a prosperous rafting adventure. Be sure to ask if your tour operators provide enough food and snacks for your rafting trip. Many of the popular package tours on board the McCall River include food. However, you need to be sure before booking the trip. It is a good idea to keep energy snacks on you such as dried fruits and peanuts should the need arise for immediate snacking once you are on your way back home as you will be exhausted during this stage of your trip.
  • Duration of your trip – Also very important is how long your trip will be. Going on a planned trip holds out a bunch of enjoyment opportunities as opposed to an unplanned one. Ensure your rafting trip is carried out in line with a fixed itinerary.

Many individuals equate summer time on board the McCall River with fun in the sun and wallowing around with family and friends on rafting tubes. They wait in anticipation for weeks if not months for this momentous occasion.

What is more, you just know that stress will have no hold on you when you float along on the water, hearing the kids splashing and squealing and birds chirping. Not to mention the occasional squeak you detect from the tube beneath you.

One of the most important things one should remember when tubing is your safety. The more people in a group, the greater the chance of an accident of some kind. Even more so if there is going to be drinking, then the risk more than double.

Someone should be in charge of observing the group and be the one who remains sober. Just to be fair, it should not be the same person every time, unless they do not like drinking at all. Any children accompanying the group should use a flotation device. But, they should not rely on that solely for their safety. The buddy rule should apply as well.

To ensure everyone has a fabulous time, there should be as many tubes, rafts, and other floating items as there are people plus two. This way, there are spares in case another person shows up or if there is an unexpected tragedy with one of the tubes. A repair kit and air pump should be on hand to accommodate repairs on the fly. Size is also a consideration. If there is a thin rubber tube with a thicker person on it, things may not go right. Make sure some of the rafts or other items are rated for heavy-duty use, so no one is embarrassed they sank a raft in the process.

Any non-swimmers should have a flotation device and tether to a stationary item, so they do not drift away.

Ensure everyone fully understands the safety rules, have lots of sunscreens and abide by the instructions provided by the outfitters.