photography by Alek Nowak

Year: 2008


a piece of filth

crack smokers use tin foil from chocolate bars to make DIY pipes. only few heroin addicts discard syringes after shot; most are reused or shared. palacze crack’u używają folijkę z czekolad do wyrobu improwizowanych “fifek”. tylko niewielu uzależnionych od heroiny wyrzuca zużyte strzykawki – większość używa ich ponownie lub pożycza …

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Peaceful Christmas, everyone.


let us have humility to forget and strength to remember our strangers and our close ones their right and their wrong miejmy dość pokory by zapomnieć i dość siły by pamiętać naszym obcym i naszym bliskim dobro i zło

triple decker


7.36am back seat third floor

animal magic

bell bell neigh neigh cheep cheep hiss hiss roar roar jingle jingle knock knock grunt grunt squawk squawk moo moo

ob⋅scure /əbˈsk


, verb, -scured, -scur⋅ing, noun –adj r, etc.) not expressing the meaning clearly or pla ding; hard to perceive: obscure motivatio otice, worldly affairs, or important activities; remo ot bright or lustrous; dull or darkish, as color or


“its da auld chipper burnin’” “Jervis Centre? no…” “look at the sparks” “I’m not going to repeat again, please back off” “next building, evacuated?” “smoke all over O’Connell street” *** Update (19 Jan 2009): please see burnin’ : aftermath post. ***

2008-12-10 : Dublin, Bus Route 16A

2008-12-09 : Dublin, Eden Quay

2008-12-08 : Dublin, Harcourt St.

2008-12-07 : Dublin, Westmoreland St.

2008-12-06 : Dublin, Lower Abbey St.

2008-12-05 : Tanya K Loves